Connect to the IRC
Edition of August 2005 by Fred_the_Killer

          When we are used to it, the irc network become really easy of access. However, it doesn't look so easy at the beginning, and this short guide will give you two or three tips that are essential.

X-chat ? Watizit ?
The irc network is a live chat network. To access to the network, there are several possibilities :
  • Web pages or java applets, convenient if you don't often use the IRC, but you must to bear their presentation choices. Other problem : they regularly disconnect without preventing.
  • IRC softwares : there are plenty of them, some free, others sharewares... X-chat, the software I propose to you, combines free and efficacy. Moreover, there are only a few manipulations to be ready to use it. Finally, there will be few unprevented disconnections.

    IMPORTANT : in the irc language, whatever the command is, it always begins by a "/". Never forget it... if you do, you could for example give the password of the channel of your army to an ennemy. :)
    How to connect with X-chat ?
    If you don't have decompressed yet the file you can download it here, I invite you to do it right now. You only have to browse for the directory you want to put it in ! This software is free, so you can use it as much as you want (Note however that the new version is not free).
    Then launch X-chat. A menu appears : it is the servers list. It must look like the picture below :

    Then you only have to configure two or three things. So :
    (1) Enter your pseudonym. I recommend to have at least one alternative, because there could be unexpected disconnection or your pseudo can be already owned by someone else.
    (2) User name and real name : you can put what you want, they will not often be displayed.
    (3) Then, if the "edition mode" is not activated, it is time to active it. Select the first network of the list and give it the name you want.
    (4) If there are several servers, delete them until there is only one left. Modify the last one in "".
    (5) Configure the channels you are going to join : #wargame for the main channel, #bleus and #rouge for the team channels. Pay attention to the spelling, and don't let a space after the comma that separes the channels.
    (6) Tick the three boxes as on the picture.
    (7) If you don't want this list to be displayed when you launch the software, tick the box. You can access to this list by Files/servers list ou Ctrl + S.
    Click then on connection, and on close. You are on the wanted channels :)
    Other useful tips :
       1 - Change your nickname
    Two ways to do it :
  • you are lazy : you click on your nickname and you change it :)
  • You would like to do as nerds : then enter the command /nick nickname replacing "nickname" by the one you want.

       2 - The /me command
    This command is by definition of no use, but it permits to talk about yourself at the third person to describe what you are doing. A small example is better than a long explanation :
    /me slaps StefBlood
    will display (supposing my nickname is Fred_the_Killer)
    "Fred_the_Killer slaps SteFBlood"

    An other one :
    /me thinks that the ALE is a weak company
    will display : "Fred_the_Killer thinks that the ALE is a weak company"

    Besides :
    /me is not responsible for what is said. It is only for example.
    (because I care for my section you know...) :)

    For other commands I let you discover and ask about what we can do with this IRC software.
    Frequently asked questions

    I forgot to join a channel. Is there a command to connect ?
    Of course. The command : "/join #channel" will permit you to join the channel you want.

    What are those horrible colours ? It looks like a linux console !!
    Don't worry, colours can be chosen. For that you'll have to go in Parameters/preferences/colours and modify the colours associated with "foreground" and "background".

    The software writes that I need a password to access the channel of my team !
    Oh, then the channel has got a password. If you know it, enter "/j #channel password". If you forgot it, you can open a private dialogue with a member of your team by right-clicking on his/her name.
    Note that you can also be connected automatically to the channel by writting, in the servers list, just after "connection command" : "join #channel password" (there is no "/").

    Why does some users appear in grey ?
    Those users are away, meaning they are not behind their computer. Another way to get the same result is to change your nickname. Nevertheless, the away option is available in X-chat by clicking on "Irc/note as Away".

    But my nickname can be taken by somebody else !
    Netrusk proposes a registering of your nickname. To register your nickname, you'll need a password and a valid e-mail. Then choose the nickname you want to register (see above if you don't remember how to change your nickname) enter type then :
    /msg nickserv register motdepasse e-mail
    An e-mail will be sent, type the command that figures in that e-mail.
    To identify afterwards (you'll have to do it at each connection), you'll have to type : /msg nickserv identify motdepasse
    You can make it automatical by typing : "nickserv register password" (one more time no "/") in the area "Connection command" of the servers list.

    If you really don't want anyone to take your nick, use the command :
    /msg nickserv SET kill ON
    The user has one minute to give the good password, or else he is killed by the network. If you want to deactivate this option afterwards : /msg nickserv SET kill OFF (you need to be identified).