This game is dedicated to Xavier Lebris (1980~2004)

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There are 16 players in the game:
- 9 blue players
- 7 red players
And there are 20 targets:
- 3 blue targets
- 0 red targets
The game board size is currently :
29 x 29 cells

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Version A&S: 5.1.8
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Two cities
nouvelle news

[07 august 2015] Two cities

Most important river of the country is controlled by two cities, often in conflict.
At this time, each council of these cities asked help to mercenaries: it's time to win definitely the battle.
The salary is good: a thousand of w$ for each, plus a minimum level of two thousands for minimum equipment.

Prisoners enabled.
Only one squad by company !
Camps enabled.
Victory: Kill HQ or find 12/20 balloons.

Remenber: w$ will not a problem when we start a map, also give to poor players during game is a good invest for your army!

Posted by administrator on 2015-08-07 08:58:17 | Comments

nouvelle news

[01 april 2015] Over the volcanoes

The battlefield was destroyed by the eruption of four volcanoes, scattering the soldiers away from their company. So look your enemies among the rubble of the city, unless they are in the Great Plains area!

Disabled prisoners.
Companies usable, only one squad by company !
Camps enabled.
Victory: Kill HQ or find 12/20 balloons.

The distribution is more efficient this time, let's see what will emerge. I give a last time the minimum of 2000w$ for the best balance.

Posted by administrator on 2015-04-01 12:21:20 | Comments

nouvelle news

[22 march 2015] New start

The battle became too difficult for logistics, each army has lost the camps and the companies have no leader. We are back to school in the old war, with much work to do to recruits before battlefield.
Communication is essential!

Prisoners are activated only for 3 days to empty the cells. They will then be disabled.

Victory: Kill HQ or found 12/20 balloons.

Posted by administrator on 2015-03-22 08:53:52 | Comments

nouvelle news

[18 February] Winter is here, you know !

This winter, you will follow the river to find your targets. So pull out your snow shovels, they will be required to move.

Victory: Kill HQ or keep 12/13 balloons !

Posted by administrator on 2015-02-18 22:40:54 | Comments

nouvelle news

[05 january] Open map

After quickly cut some trees, we are in a more open area. So find the enemy HQ!

Victory: Kill HQ or keep 15/20 balloons !

Posted by administrator on 2015-01-05 18:38:29 | Comments

nouvelle news

[28 december] Big forest

After this little stroll in town, here's a big walk in the forest.
I hope your fireworks are not wet. The forest stands in the way, make it kindling to get the best seats early!

Kill HQ or keep 9/10 balloons for victory !

Posted by administrator on 2014-12-28 23:33:37 | Comments

nouvelle news

[24 november] balconies arround the city

Well, the new war is started.

For now, the relief gives a better view of the city, but it will come down to fetch the hidden enemy.

Kill HQ or keep 10/13 balloons for victory !

Posted by administrator on 2014-11-24 18:17:41 | Comments

nouvelle news

New campaign!

Hello guys!

Welcome to training camp, go to inscription, quick !
Before real war, you must try the training. Are you ready ?

Don't forget to active the link in mail sending at inscription for play.

Posted by administrator on 2014-10-25 17:51:04 | Comments

nouvelle news

Reset Game on going this afternoon !

As previously announced, we do a reset, this campaign was too long. Take some rest and come back soon.
I'll try this afternoon to restart with fresh troops for all smile
I hope to see you all again!

Here is statistics of old campain: … index.html

Posted by administrator on 2014-10-25 09:02:03 | Comments

nouvelle news

Tuesday september 30: Last before tsunami!

For the last game before reset, I could not put the map that I wanted, so we will be with another quick map with all the balloons in the center and a river to cross.
It's time to dump your stock!

Kill HQ

15/20 balloon victory by standard balloon rules

HQs have 500HP
Weather -3 to +6

Special fortifs have 1000HP


Posted by administrator on 2014-09-30 22:11:59 | Comments

Forum for all players

IRC Chan
#wargame on server
(java applet or web page)

Enough of a webpage which bugs all the time? You want a better irc client? We configured it for you : x-chat
and supplemented of a guide to start

Concern in its life of small soldier? Problems that you want to talk about? Troubles with other players? Someone is here to listen to you
I would like to take part in war effort !
The greatest part of the effort is composed of goodwill provided by the players who imply themselves in the game. However, it should be noted that the largest load of the play (namely lodging) is gracefully provided to us by the Nainwak association. You have the possibility of taking part in this lodging by making a gift to this association (specifying that the gift comes from a A&S's player). For that, click on the image below: